Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You pick up the coolest tips!

What I learned in master gardeners tonight was priceless...well, almost.

I love gingerbread. I love to use fresh ginger in beef recipes. It's a sinful taste...

Tonight we had a speaker on Gingers in your garden and the lady said you can take the Ginger "root" you buy at the grocery store and plant it. She suggested you lay in flat and cover it with about 1" of soil. I wouldn't plant it much deeper.

Apparently it grows and grows and grows and the "roots" (actually called ryzones) multiply pretty quickly!

We joked that there wouldn't be any ginger in any of the grocery stores around for quite some time as we are all going to try it.

Also, I love hosta's. I have seen them at the nursery's and are really pretty. This same speaker said they don't do real well in our semi-tropical climate but that there are varieties of gingers that are very similar and do.

Anyway I have a lot of shaded area to work this spring....and want to try some hosta's but know there is a substitute for them if they don't do well.

And now....I know I'll have a "ginger" theme in the Papillion Gardens.

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