Sunday, February 8, 2009

Looking at the world a whole different way.....

It's my last day of vacation....Ah yes, in the morning I will once again slap the alarm silly, stumble into the shower, blow dry my hair into a semblance of a sane 50 something professional, put on pantyhose and a suit and head once again to the 9-5 I have learned to tolerate. Hey, it's a paycheck.

I have accomplished much during this week, some tasks that were intended and others that were not. But the one thing I have learned this week is to look at life in a whole different perspective.

Here are just a few:

Peer out the window as you drive through town, scouting for someones rose or vine overgrowth. If it has grown over into the right of way, it's fair game.

Look deep into old cemetery's for old rose's in hopes to get a snip. Don't go at night.

Find forgotten plants old at abandoned houses or where there once stood a home. There might be a story behind them.

Deplete the ginger from the produce department. It grows and reproduces quickly.

Always maintain a path to your coffeepot and kitchen sink after propagating in the kitchen all the new things you can acquire in a very short time.

And share...extra clippings, your own overgrowth, your knowledge and your friendship with other's who share your passion. It will make your work week go a little smoother.

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