Thursday, December 24, 2009

W I N D Y!!!!

It is WINDY!

This wind is suppose to lie down late this afternoon. The weekend and the rest of the week should be moderate temperatures in the mid to high 50's with low humidity. The next 15 days we have a little chance of rain and, for the most part, lower humidity. This should dry up the ground a bit if not enough to start turning the ground on the acreage behind the house.

It's much too windy to be out trying to do anything in the yard. This morning I woke up to a limb on my husband's Suburban. Not big enough to do much harm but much too close to the windshield. Would have been just our luck as he just had a back glass replaced and was finally back in business with his own vehicle. My fear is that others might want to come out of the trees and this wind could create falling debris or blowing debris hazards!

We are not doing much for the holidays except to work on projects and rejoice in our Saviors birth. One of our children mentioned that he might stop by and I warned him not to come in dress clothes but instead to wear jeans and boots and be prepared to pitch in.

John said he thought we were missing some of the Americana Chickens. I hope it is just some hens who are sitting eggs somewhere. It will be nice to get the coops finished so we can count them each day.

For now, I am going to start the paper shredder again and warm up a smoked turkey in a while.

Have a great Christmas and don't forget, it's not about the presents under the tree....



Went out just before the sun went down and the temperature is falling rapidly. The wind and cooler temperature stung my face.

So back in I went to finish a paper shredding project and contemplate baking some potato rolls.

It's going to be a snuggle weather night, possibly snuggle weather week.

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