Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What I think about during the day....

I have a real job. I am a Banker for a major National Bank at a branch in our small town.

Having a real job takes away from the farm, and I think about it all the time. Although I know I cannot leave my job for a farm income, I still think about it. I also try to justify leaving a well paying job, trading pantyhose for garden hose but the numbers and the benefits always outweigh my preferred option.

So, I think about it all day. I arrange schedules for tasks I need to get done once I get home. I even told my boss to quit bringing me work late in the day as I had to leave on-time to build compost piles, check on the greenhouse and do other farm tasks.

Today, I solicited "poop" from local farmers while printing out statements for them. One said they'd hook me up with the owners of the local auction barn after the holidays. That made me happier than the prospect of interest rates going up on time accounts.

While some people may show digital pictures of children and grandchildren on their cell phones, I show pictures of my Bantams! I draw out planting diagrams for retired farm customers while we are tending to their bank business, soliciting their ideas while they solicit mine.

Yes, I will admit, I have this homestead farm bug and am infected terribly! Yet doing it as a hobby farm makes more sense than not doing it all.

Tomorrow I think I'll wear my boots to work...so I'll be prepared once I can get away...



I thought I'd be slick and go by the local chicken place after work today to grab dinner so that we could get back to building the coop. My husband had beat me by pre-cutting 2x4's for the rest of it saying we can now just assemble it as tho it were a pre-fab kit. He even neatly labeled each board. At least we were able to work on it for a half hour or so before it got dark and made some more progress.

This time however, it wasn't without incident... I am sure John was tired but willing to put in a little more time.....but it all went down hill once the hens started gossiping about the rooster who got one last hen before roosting for the night.

Chickens, when all together get excited and the sounds is like a group of old women gossiping around the table during coffee or who witnessed something outside their morals and point and discuss the disgusting aberration.

Then there are the guineas, who run to see what every one is cackling about and have to throw their 2 cents in to the discussion. The other day 2 young roosters were starting to bow and dance like they do before they start a fight. When that happened all the guineas stopped what they were doing and ran over to see, making their "buck-wheat" noise. I liken it to a High School fight when everyone comes to watch chanting "FIGHT!"

Along with all this noise, the hens gossiping, the roosters crowing and the guineas hollering "buck-wheat" my husband tried to tell me where to hold a board and I couldn't hear his direction over all the noise which in turn frustrated him more.

Then, as he started to hit the nail he hit his fingers and let out another loud noise, all of which cannot be repeated on this blog.

That signaled the end of the chicken coop project tonight....

And as I was gathering tools to bring inside I looked up at what appeared to be rain clouds rolling in.

I think I'll pour me a glass of Texas Sweet Red, find my MP3 player and read about Agritourism and small scale farms....

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