Thursday, January 7, 2010

The weather service calls this a weather event

The National Weather Service is calling this arctic freeze a weather event and what an event it is. For those of us who live in the south being under a freeze warning for more than an hour is an event in itself

And for those readers who live in the northern states, God bless you!

My seeds from Johnny's seeds arrived and in good order. They do a good job packaging and shipping! I was very impressed and will use them again.

I also have friends who are saving and contributing toilet paper and paper towel rolls that we recycle to create containers to start seeds. Perfect containers for little plants and break down quickly in the compost once the plants are removed. I am getting bags full now and with the hundreds of seeds we just received they'll come in handy.

We took a bag of recycled paper today and made pouches out of bubble wrap and stuffed it with paper shred to wrap outside faucets. We piled shredded paper in the cold frames then covered them with a blanket. Since we've been recycling paper in the shredder we have tons of it. I plan to make some recycled paper sheets later, pile some in another compost....there is a ton of uses.

Also received the essentials oils to make olive oil soap and will order the rest of the supplies in a few weeks to make that happen.

My vacation in February is going to be busy!

On Monday as I was leaving for work one of the hens hatched chicks in the garage. She hid them quite well as they were behind some boxes. I couldn't stop to find her or them and prayed the farm cats wouldn't hear them and try to get to them. Told my husband about them but he was getting ready for this weather "event" and had other things to do. It would be an event in itself to move all those boxes to get to her.....and since then I have not heard them again but that could be that the hen is right by them. John said he only saw her one time briefly all week. We'll look for them this weekend after it warms up.

Again, bless all of you who live in the Northern states during this arctic Weather Event...we are blessed on the Gulf Coast of Texas that we only have to endure for 36 hours.

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