Friday, January 15, 2010

What the wet weather has created...

It's raining again but it should be stopping tomorrow afternoon. My yard is a swamp again. The ditches all the way into town (5 miles) are full and running to the river. This to should add a lot more moisture to the soil and will be dried up again by mid-week.

One problem that I have noticed that the rains have created is massive fire ant hills in the pastures. I can only imagine what the animals are going through. These are some of the largest fire ant hills I have ever seen and there are many more than usual.

I know that there was a pilot program for a while from Texas A&M that was releasing some kind of fly that lays and parasitic larvae in the fire ant head and, over time, kills the fire ant. Not sure how productive that has been in the counties they tested this in, but it's obvious that our county wasn't one of them. We have plenty of fire ant killer on-hand and I am sure we'll be using it.

Had a long week at my primary job but Monday is a federal holiday.

I really look forward to being in the yard this weekend and just a couple of weeks away from a much needed vacation.

Will blog more as the weekend progresses and post new pictures.

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