Wednesday, March 3, 2010

He's been moving dirt!!

So, we've been at a standstill building a chicken coop and with more chickens coming out of the chick pens we need to get a move on! Then...there is the greenhouse my last post to understand where we were with that......

My husband did indeed head to Victoria to rebuild seals in the on the "termite". When he got home he ran into another obstacle trying to get it together but he finally accomplished that task. Great! Not!

One of the hoses had become misaligned and was stretched when he tried to use the bucket busting a fitting. Seemed like everything was throwing a wrench into out projects.

GOOD NEWS tho! It's all fixed and when I arrived home he had moved almost half of the dirt from the area we are to "excavate!" He said it had so much power it was cutting through everything like butter. Even roots!

I managed to find some time to re-pot about 75 babies yesterday...and with the drier ground it looks like we are on our way to partially producing some of our own food.

Enjoy the spring weather...

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