Sunday, March 28, 2010

On warmer weather and making time!

Sometimes in our life it's just a matter of making time. Priorities.

A long time ago, when visiting some good friends of ours and after several years had past since the last time we had visited, one of us commented how we missed spending time together. While the conversation continued and we each made several excuses that we work long hours and have other tasks to attend to, the husband said something I'll never forget. He said life happens, it's the priorities that you set that mold your day to day activities. What's more important?

While we still don't spend a lot of time with them the comment made me look at my entire life. What is important and how can I learn how to set aside time to do those important things?

This weekend was the perfect example. I work 6 day work weeks and while it is only 3 hours on Saturdays usually rotated between bankers, I am usually back on our Rural Living farm by noon 'thirty.

This weekend my sister in law is in the county visiting our friend who recently purchased property just a couple of miles away. She wanted me to spend time over there Saturday afternoon but I have set priorities to spend the weekends I do have free on the farm. I don't know if she understands this as my time is short working a 6 day work week but if I don't set those priorities, then I'll never get anything done here. And she'll be the first to comment if something is out of place or neglected....

I did get almost all of the alternative spot for the spring/summer garden planted. I also got all the bird feeders filled. And I was able to do household tasks that otherwise I could not have done.

She'll be here all week and if she really cares, she'll come over here to help with the necessary tasks to keep us moving forward. I am not holding my breath.

One other task is that we made huge progress on the chicken coop we've been working on for months! It's not always a one person job and with available time short, we worked all afternoon setting in nesting boxes. If the a air stapler would work right we'd almost be finished. So much for purchasing a cheap one.

Priorities. Without them I'd never be home and never be able to complete tasks that are important to me. As for our friends, when the husband made that comment all those years ago we lived 250 miles apart. Now we only live 30 miles apart. Maybe we should re-prioritize....

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