Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring weather, feathered friends, time off

Today as I was walking out to the car to go to my "real" job I heard a familiar "peep peep" in the garage, again. Knowing that I am almost always running short of time I simply text messaged my husband that we had a new chick, again, in the garage. I didn't think there was much of a chance to catch the booger.

This afternoon when I arrived home once again I heard that familiar "peep peep" and thought it was fantastic that the little "peep peep" had survived the entire day without being caught as farm cat food. I rushed in, told my husband (who had not heard the little "peep peep" all day) and told him I was going back out to the garage to catch it.

He simply said "Good luck!"

I started slowing moving boxes to the side, creating an open area and would stop for a moment or two to hear it "peep peep" more, to make sure I was looking in the right spot. Then I remembered we had 50 lbs of starter scratch and hoped to lure it out enough to snatch it.

It's when I started distributing the starter scratch towards and behind the boxes that I figured out the little "peep peep's" mama hen was there with her.

She was not happy I was there but I had created a starter scratch barrier between us. She quickly became much more interested in scratch than me.

My husband had wandered out about then and I told him what I had discovered. He suggested we not only continue to catch the chick but grab the eggs to incubate.

After moving a few more boxes....lets just say Hen won.

Giving up and praying she'll do a better job that most hens who want to show off their first chicks abandoning the others we headed to the local Chinese food place for some fresh vegetable stir fry.

Sun is shinning and spring is here. Hope you are doing well....

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