Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring!!!!! Wow what a difference a week can make

It's almost like by magic the trees have leaves on their branches, the birds have returned and I am making a mad dash to find shorts and sleeveless shirts. Deodorant is a must.

This weekend we might not have made big strides on the homestead farm but several good things did happen.

First, John's best friend has relocated to our county. While he still has things in San Antonio, he say's he's moved more things here than are left in San Antonio. And best of all, he's within a mile of us. He also is trying desperately to get ground turned for about 1/4 acre garden. The area he is gardening is big for typical garden size. Funny but he has not dealt with our gumbo clay soil before. When he lived in San Antonio he had sand....which caused him much grief when trying to grow a garden. Seems he couldn't ever keep moisture in it. We have the opposite problem.

We are running behind on turning soil for our first big garden. He is ahead of us. So we might co-op his plot for our test bed....and I'll leave a lot of work to him. He offered 1/3 of it to me. As soon as he works out the details I'll get back with him. More than likely he'll get the bulk of the new plant starts I have in the mini greenhouse plus some seeds. However, I would like a couple of row's to prove to him the importance of mulch, mulch, mulch and drip irrigation.

We also worked all day on the chicken coop and made great strides in that project and time willing should finish soon. Also, let the roosters chicks out of the chick pens. They are twice the size of the bantums. We kept back the hens hoping to segregate them from the entire flock to harvest eggs.

John got really upset at the rooster population overall today. Poor hens. We have about a 4 rooster to 1 hen ratio here. He swears he will get rid of roosters this week thinning down the population.....I asked him if he was into gutting and plucking as I couldn't do it this week....he didn't answer.

I want to be a no-kill farm for the poultry but he is indeed right. We do have too many roosters and as he gently put it "Didn't raise them to look at."

We'll see. So long as he doesn't kill big boy and black beard I am good. Almost.

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