Monday, April 12, 2010

A chance our gardens will not happen.....

We live in a little community that has a lake. The lake was built as a way to conserve future drinking water. Most of this water is sold downstream to industrial plants and pipped to other cities in Texas. It's a money making machine.

When we first bought our house we knew we might be looking at Phase II of the lake project.... the entity that built the first lake had plans to dam up the river behind us.

At first we knew that some of our neighbors would loose valuable bottom lands, prime grazing land and we knew that it would effect some. We figured that the little river wouldn't do too much damage and everyone would go on as usual.

Then reality hit. We listened to stories from former land owners who lost hundreds of acres of land for Lake Texana....and that there were lots of promises of jobs and tourism......30 years later, we see none of that. In addition, the entity has also acquired and since kept the land that surrounds the lake. LOTS of it. Hundreds of acres taken off the tax roles.

Yes, we have a lake. A shallow, muddy lake. Full of crocks and water snakes. Not good for much. And no lake front property to add to the tax base of our poor little community.

Now phase II is raring it's ugly head after the proposal was voted down not once but twice.... it's on the agenda again. It won't be for future water for our little community. It's for the entity who contributes nothing to the community who plans to sell it to the highest bidder.

This weekend out hearts dropped to the floor when we saw the proposed map of the land they plan to take emanate domain. And it includes our property.

Mind you we are about 3/4 to a mile from that pretty little river....but they want not only the land that will flood but once again the land around it. They'll build a levy and that levy will go over our house.

Their next meeting is April 21'st at a convenient 7am. We'll be there, coffee in hand and hair combed.

Oh, they tell us it's only a feasibility study and that they are 85% sure it won't come back favorable. But it still leaves us scared....especially because they engineering firm they are using is the same one they've always used.....

There are a lot of questions.....and a lot of angry folks....for us, we are just plain scared. Scared we'll loose our land that we scrimped to pay for over 20 yrs. Scared that what they'll pay us for our land won't even put a down payment on a similar property. Scared we'll have to move and we'll never see our sweet neighbors again.

More as it progresses....but until this ugly serpent is finally put to rest, the Gardens are on hold.

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