Sunday, April 4, 2010

Farm Sunday...

What a beautiful day this blessed Sunday was! Easter is such a humbling time and as I spent my hours outside completing tasks on the farm it was a special time. I don't know your spiritual beliefs readers but I do believe that there is a God and today is our traditional, symbolic day to remember that he died on the Cross for us. What love that is.....

As I work in the gardens and on the property I had to take some time to take in the wonder in his miracle. The spring flowers are really starting to bloom, the garden plants are starting to take off and grow and I have the first buds on some of the tomato plants.

We worked hard on the chicken coop these last few has been our priority because all the roosters have had an extra dose of testosterone and the poor hens have no feathers on their back. John got the b-b- gun out after a few. The coop is almost complete....we have about 30 minutes of last minute tasks to do before we move the Cuckoo Moran hens in an entice the other hens to go in.

Funny but yesterday after we had it almost enclosed the hens would come up from the property, enter it and look around. However once the roosters figured out where they were they scooted out of it quickly!

Our plan it to try to lure them in with scratch at first..but if that doesn't work, then kidnap them once they are roosting in the garage. The latter may take several attempts but once kidnapped they'll be all good.

Knowing that they are probably more than fertile, for the first few weeks we'll let them sit their eggs. After a couple of weeks they should be laying just fresh eggs. OR at least that is the plan.

Back to work tomorrow for me. Both jobs are really picking up and I have less and less time to spend here. I think my husband is catching on that if I have some free time I am not leaving the farm. There is way too much to do! He is also catching on that I would rather homestead than be at work all day....and mentioned to a friend that this weekend that I am only there for the insurance and benefits....

And a good thing has come out of not starting to cultivate the back acreage...I have 2 full acres of dewberries with more blooms on them than I've ever seen! Now, for those who have ever picked wild berries, they are delicious! However sometimes you find snakes galore! And...these berry vines are quite thick. We'll report in a month or so when we can start picking how that crop is doing and if we can get into it.

It might be a record year for snakes too....a friend of ours just 2-3 miles from here killed several this weekend including a coral snake. Yikes!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead.

BTW: My vacation starts at 6PM on April 9th. You can bet where I'll be...

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