Sunday, February 14, 2010

Satisfying my Barnheart obsession....

Today my phone was quite. While that sounds good, if my phone doesn't ring, I don't make money. Sort of. I do however, try to hold Sunday's as Farm Day, the one day during the week that I can catch up on laundry and other tasks necessary for a busy week ahead. Sometimes I am not lucky enough to have a whole day for Farm Day but today I did.

I am happy that I had the opportunity to test out my new canner! I made 12 jars of black cherry jelly and 10 bars of orange clove olive oil soap. That's enough soap to last me almost an entire year, and I have another 2 lbs of melt and pour to do another 10 bars. The way I figure it, if I sold the other 10 bars then I'd pay for the entire batch and make some profit! Not too bad and the reason homesteading and homestead farming is very intriguing to me. It's a way to self sustain and pay for it and maybe make a little more at the same time.

One day I'll be brave enough to concoct soap from scratch.

This week I plan to make an additional batch of cherry jelly and also make some cherry preserves. Yes I am cheating. The fruit and juice is canned and bottled. My husband has terrible bouts of gout and bought a ton of cherry products early last year with the hopes of easing his pain. I don't want them to go bad and would rather experiment with the things I have on-hand than mess up on fresh that was given to me or that I grew. It's a great way to get started.

Today was quite nice although friends north of us had snow again. We shouldn't have anymore rain for a while although another cold snap has hit and the wind is blowing really hard. It will make for a great night to shimmy under the quilts and sleep soundly. It seems to be cold, dry air and perhaps will dry it up a little bit around here.

I have several days of vacation in March and all total will be almost 1/2 of the month I have scheduled off. You can bet I'll try to make most of those days Farm Days. I am praying the ground will be dry enough to turn soil then. As it is now if we ran equipment into the field it would get stuck in the mud. The plants in the cold frames look very good..a great head start!!

Stay warm my northern friends. Spring really is just around the corner...