Wednesday, March 3, 2010

He's been moving dirt!!

So, we've been at a standstill building a chicken coop and with more chickens coming out of the chick pens we need to get a move on! Then...there is the greenhouse my last post to understand where we were with that......

My husband did indeed head to Victoria to rebuild seals in the on the "termite". When he got home he ran into another obstacle trying to get it together but he finally accomplished that task. Great! Not!

One of the hoses had become misaligned and was stretched when he tried to use the bucket busting a fitting. Seemed like everything was throwing a wrench into out projects.

GOOD NEWS tho! It's all fixed and when I arrived home he had moved almost half of the dirt from the area we are to "excavate!" He said it had so much power it was cutting through everything like butter. Even roots!

I managed to find some time to re-pot about 75 babies yesterday...and with the drier ground it looks like we are on our way to partially producing some of our own food.

Enjoy the spring weather...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time flies! Throw me another wrench

Around here, time flies quickly! It's been a couple of weeks since my last post but it seems like I just posted the other day. Too much happens around here and there is never enough time.

Then life throws another wrench in our way. You know the feeling I am sure. You start a project and run into 1000 obstacles that prevent you from completing that task until you resolve the issues. Then other issues come up, other tasks present themselves that seem to be more timely and on and on...not to mention that you didn't have a lot of time to complete the first task!

The chicken coop has been sitting for a while until we can get someone over with more strength than me to help hoist plyboard up to fasten to the back. We did however acquire an nail gun that should help speed projects up. We also bought a larger air compressor. Think our son and his wife are coming over this evening for grilled rib-eyes and some muscle to move the coop along.

Then we bought a greenhouse. Thinking this too would be a Farm Sunday project we discovered shortly after retrieving the instructions that they want the entire site excavated 5-7 inches deep before assembling the base. So, my husband moved the back hoe/front end loader out and soon found out the seals were bad and because of that the project is at a standstill for a while. That was ok though as it's blowing like crazy outside and would have been a near impossible task anyway. And he promises to go to Victoria tomorrow and buy new seals and hydraulic oil to fix the "termite" this week...a project that he has delayed doing for several months.

Nice greenhouse too, it's 10x12 and 10 foot tall at a remarkable price! Just about $500 at Harbor Freight. That is more than half the price of many others I have been looking at.

My little seed starter greenhouse it packed so tight that there isn't any room to re-pot anything much less start anymore plants. And, I am out of potting even if I had room in the cold frames or the mini-greenhouse that would require a trip to our local Wal-mart to buy another bag. Another delay.

To top it all off, it's suppose to rain tomorrow. While we were out trying to excavate the area for the greenhouse, I noticed that the soil is still pretty soft after all the rain and after about a 10 day no rain stretch. It's only suppose to rain for 1 day. The boxes that the greenhouse are in will get wet but that shouldn't deter the project much.

Time will tho. I'm sure of it.


The kids came over and had ribeyes with us and our son did help move the coop along. As I was explaining to my daughter in law what our goal was, our self-sustaining lifestyle, which BTW was their goal at one time too.....She told me something very profound...

She simply said "You'd be so much happier, and at peace."

I think they are on-board too. At least they went home with two bars of homemade soap, several jars of homemade jelly and a drink flat full of vegetable plants.

time will tell....