Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another hot Farm Sunday

Texas has experienced a drought of historical proportions. The heat has been extremely difficult to manage. We officially have lost our turf grass in our yard and we hold our breath hoping someone doesn't flick a cigarette butt on the side of the road and catch our pasture on fire.

It is so dry that everyone is afraid to shred for fear of the shredder hitting a piece of metal and the sparks catching their property on fire or having some sort of mishap with overheating and doing the same. We're all in limbo.

I refused to water my grass like my neighbors and was the number one reason I didn't have a spring/summer garden. We are on a water well and while it is pretty deep, that water is precious to me. We can re-sod if we choose. I would rather keep that water for myself.

All in all we have fared quite well so far although this is the first time in several years that it was impossible to grow a garden without constant irrigation. We only have New Zealand spinach in a container and are keeping the native peach trees alive that are still potted and cannot be planted in the gardens.

Surprisingly the hens kept on producing and we never had a bad day with egg production. They never went broody.

Soon I will be starting container gardens for some fall vegetables using donated and purchased empty lick tubs. Lick tubs are large tubs made of a plastic/rubber material and are very durable. They originally held a molasses supplement for cattle. If you ask the right people they'll give them to you but occasionally you have to purchase them. I have never had to pay over $5 for one.

During this long, hot summer we have been able to push forward by collecting free items that will be used later on the farm. We have been able to stock pile pallets, plastic 55 gallon drums for rainwater harvesting, lick tubs, toilet paper cores, and all sorts of recyclable materials. We have them on-hand to push forward with projects.....when it cools down.

John has put the hummingbird feeders up around the patio and we have a huge flock of hummers who are a delight to watch. He mixes his own nectar and they go through it at an astonishing rate!

Lord I pray we get some rain.....