Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dinner on the Farm

Baked Italian Pork Parmesan!

Pork Loin steaks breaded with fresh whole grain bread crumbs with eggplant cubed in the same dish...fresh marinara poured over it all topping it off with fresh parm.
Served over brown rice. Also have fresh green beans in the steamer insert.

Low fat, low salt, low calories!

Fresh Marinara is easy to make! Start with a basic tomato based puree.

Take 4 fresh tomato's quartered, half a bell pepper, about 2 teaspoons of fresh minced garlic, onion, mushrooms and 2 celery stalks and process them in a blender, bullet, ninja or food processor until pureed. 
For this particular dish I added some dried Italian blended herbs.

You can use this in spaghetti sauces, other italian dishes. You can also use mexican spices and herbs instead of the italian blend for south of the border dishes or if you make it without seasoning and add in 1 tsp of either lemon juice or lime juice you will have a fresh pureed salsa to use on omelets in the morning or just to eat with chips!

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