Sunday, February 26, 2012

Recycled Useful

It's that time of the year again where we recycle t-paper cores and make seed holders. These rock! They biodegrade very quickly....and cheap!

1. Collect toilet paper cores. Lots of them We cut the bottoms 1/3 up the sides in 4 places then fold them in to make a bottom. We take a tot stapler and place 2 staples in the top fold to secure them. When we get 6 of them we staple those 6 together to make a "6 pack".

2. We place these into a large, clear storage container. The top does not have to be clear, just the sides.

3. Then we make the labels using old mini-blinds. You can cut them any length you want and write on them with a sharpie.

Close up of mini blind label

4. Time to add good quality potting soil. Fill up the seed holders. If you get some between those it doesn't matter!

5. I pre-label each of the seed holders before I plant the seeds. I do this because if I have to stop my project I won't forget what I planted and where I planted it. It also helps me plan my garden. 


 Once everything is planted, water gently. You want to make your soil damp, not wet. Then snap the lid on and wait. It may take a couple of weeks before you see your seeds appear. Meantime you will notice condensation in the container especially on the walls. Don't worry! That is the greenhouse effect.

One tip tho, if the seedlings are becoming leggy (tall and pointing to a sun source) simply take them outside during the day in the sun. I keep old window glass on-hand to cover the tops while they are outside.

This is what my plants looked like after 8 weeks. I almost let them mature too long. Look at the plant on the right. It's growing a root system along the stem. This is OK. Just plant the tomato sideways and almost up to the first mature leaves. The smaller leaves part of the way up (there are 2) are NOT mature leaves. This insures you have a super strong root system. Tomatoes are very unforgiving. We also plant with a slow release Miracle Grow in the soil and water a lot the first week or so.


  1. This is the first time I've had a chance to look at your site since you gave me your card. I think it is great. The TP hint was a good one. Being from Indiana we always have a small garden but I have missed it this year because of staying at Brackenridge one more month than expected. Keep posting recycling and gardening hints,I love them. I like reading about growing herbs also. Thanks,Violet

  2. Thanks Violet for the kind words and good to hear from you. Visit the blog often, we always have something going on and like to share it! Hope to see you again someday!


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