Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"The garden plants are perky and laughing."

Goodness it's wet outside! Had to walk around standing water to get to the new garden spot to plant the onion sets someone gave us Monday night. I was elated that we got between 20-30 tomato sets from their left overs! Thanks Mike and Debbie!

Yesterday I messaged John from work and asked how much rain did we get? I also asked him to walk out to the new garden spot to report the damage as I knew I wouldn't be home until after dark.

He reported we received 1.34" rain and that  "The garden plants are perky and laughing." Thought that was funny....

Today I noticed some of the tomato plants are starting to put on their first blooms! I started these plants in January so it is about time for that to happen!

The rain storm that came through Texas Monday night was quite ferocious! The wind was gusting at 30+ mph before the storm hit and we were fortunate to get the "tail-end" of it. Bless those who were in the middle of that long line of severe thunderstorms. I was concerned that the new plants had blown to pieces or were drenched, although the new garden spot it quite built up with mulch.

Fortunatly only 2 tomato cages blew over and John was able to just place them back. There was absolutely no damage and like he accurately described it..."The garden plants are perky and laughing."

Yes's going to be a great spring!

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