Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's hot in South Texas!

It's HOT in South Texas! And it is only March! I fear we will have a scorching summer earlier than expected.

We were out on the "green machine" breaking more ground to grow even more fresh veggies and the heat is driving us inside for a while.

Our little "green machine" was getting really hot...not mechanical problems, it's just the nature of that beast...and we couldn't take the heat from the metal and the sun much longer. Decided to come in for a while to let the machine cool down. And to give us time to cool down too.

Mosquitoes are buzzing today, and we expected as much after the recent rain. A breeze is picking up and was helping with those pesky bugs! At least they are not as big as they'll get this summer.

The hens gave us 11 eggs today. Thought their egg production would pick up after giving them treats of fresh veggie scraps a couple of days this week instead of throwing it in the compost pile. Those treats must have made them happy!

One advantage of living in rural South Texas is that you have a longer growing season and production is early. Many of the tomato plants have blooms. The zucchini have blooms too but are not big enough to produce so we are picking them off. We should be in full production by mid May....

Pictures soon...after I cool down....

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