Saturday, April 14, 2012

Farm Sunday - Preview - Free Veggie Plants to grow your own fresh food

As we mentioned on our Facebook page we have lots of tomato plants and a few other veggie plants to give away, left over from the Master Gardener Plant Sale.

If you want some let us know. They'll be available for pick up on Sunday 04/15/2012 either on the farm or if you are in Edna we may can scoot them in to you.

This is your chance to grow your own healthy, delicious fresh food! Message us or call us to reserve.


  1. Is Farm Sunday this weekend? Maybe I'm completely messing up the dates...

  2. Thanks for asking Brian.

    Farm Sunday is every Sunday. It's the only day we have an entire day free to take care of tasks on the Hobby Farm. And we gladly accept volunteer help. Just kidding of course.


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