Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's a Wrap! - South Texas Brunch Wrap

I love to make wraps! They are quick and easy and the combinations are endless. They also hold more fresh ingredients than a typical sandwich and are easier to hold and eat.

The Smart and Delicious wraps are, in my opinion the best wraps on the market.  Made with Olive Oil, they are low calorie but don't have the aftertaste that some commercially made low calorie wraps have. They are pricy but worth it and they come in a variety of flavors. You can usually find them in the deli area of your major grocer. My favorite flavor is Tomato Basil. 

I also like several products that the Tastefully Simple home party ladies sell because many of them are simply dried herbs and vegetables with little to no sodium or preservatives. I love the Tomato Garlic Pesto as a seasoning in eggs. It really makes the flavor "pop".

Also, I like to keep legumes of many varieties on-hand to add as a good fiber source to our diet. Generally I have a couple of different kinds of legumes precooked and frozen in individual containers that we can pop into the microwave to warm up. You can either add them to your dish, hot or cold including salads, or roll them up in a wrap, mash them with a fork and spread them on a wrap, put them into your bullet/ninja with some olive oil and seasoning for a type of hummus to spread onto wraps or just to eat plain. Sometimes I used canned legumes but I pour them into a colander and rinse them before I use them to remove most of the sodium and also to have a pure product. 

One last thing. My measurements are usually an estimate of ingredients. I would prefer that you read my recipes as guides to ingredients than exact amounts. They are pretty close but if you add more, or less, you'll still get the same dish.


South Texas Brunch Wrap

1/3 c onion chopped
1/3 c bell pepper chopped
1/3 c fresh mushrooms chopped
2/3 c chopped lean ham
1/2 c fresh tomato, chopped
1/2 c pinto beans cooked and drained
6-8 fresh eggs
1/2 tbl  Tastefully Simple dried Tomato and Garlic Pesto Mix
3-4 slices Kraft 2% Sharp Cheddar
Smart and Delicious wraps

In a small bowl combine the eggs and Tastefully Simple seasoning. Whip as though you were making scrambled eggs. Set aside.

Spray a saute pan with non stick cooking spray, preferably the olive oil spray. Saute the onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, ham and tomatoes until the bell pepper and onion are just starting to get done. Add pinto beans and stir gently just until the beans are warm.

Pour the egg mixture over the ham and veggie mixture and scramble. Once the eggs are done top with the 2% cheese and allow the cheese to melt.

Add a portion of the wrap filling to a Smart and Delicious Wrap and serve. You can also add some fresh salsa before you wrap it up.

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