Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sounds of Spring – What you can hear during the day

I often head outside after I get home from work and change into comfortable clothes to work in the garden or just relax on the patio. After a hectic, chaotic day sometimes it’s just nice to sit and listen to the activity on the farm. No music, no television, just an ear to Mother Nature.

Lately it has become quite noisy. The birds are singing their various mating songs or singing while they work to build a nest. There are a variety of them however the only two I can recognize are the many Cardinals and Mockingbirds in the trees. There are other bird sounds and while I look to try to identify them the trees have too many leaves now to see them. Sometimes though I can see a bird fly from tree to tree but they are too fast to identify. I really do not care to inventory our feathered visitors. I’d rather just hear them chirp and sing.
The roosters are the most comical. They crow no matter what time of the day it is and crow to each other across the farm answering the others call. I don’t know what they are crowing about. Perhaps it is more brag with them over who has the prettiest or loudest crow or who has discovered the best bugs or food.

Our guinea fowl hen makes her “buck-wheat” sound if something is out of place or she discovers a snake. She also alerts if someone pulls up in front of the house. She’ll come tearing across the pasture and fly to the roof where she paces back and forth across the roof saying “Buck-what” or “ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah” chatter as if she is telling us we have visitors. Some have teased that we have a watch guinea and that is quite accurate. Others who have guinea fowl say they all do this.

We have a windmill that is in great shape except that the pump on it no longer works. A few years ago a friend stopped by and asked if we wanted to sell it and offered an amazing price. I put my food down. Just watching the windmill turn in the wind is relaxing. It also helps me determine if there is a breeze outside so that I can estimate if it is strong enough to keep the mosquitoes from eating me alive. We have planned one day to fix it so that it can supply water once again. It’s one of those projects we keep putting off.

This windmill needs oil. When the oil gets low it squeaks and I kind of like the squeak. The stronger the wind blows the faster it squeaks. I almost don’t want to have someone climb up to add oil or I’ll miss the sound.

Between the birds, chickens, our guinea hen and our windmill if you just listen you’ll know its spring at the Rural Living farm.

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