Sunday, May 13, 2012

Farm Sunday - It's always something!

We were blessed earlier in the week with good news and more rain. The good news is that the El Nino effect has dissipated and we should be on our way to recovering from the worse drought I have every experienced.

The rain is very welcomed for the garden and to replenish our water table. It also makes the pasture grow very fast and it is difficult to keep up with. We keep the grass low around the house and keep it mowed around the garden. The rest of it can wait. It makes for an amazing wild area for the many birds and deer we hear and see.

Today our goal was to cut the grasses closest to the garden area. John was on the lawn tractor and I had the weed eater. It looks great but the work didn't come without a price.

On a hobby farm there is always a price to pay when you are working. Tools misplaced, projects that don't go as planned and, like today, things in the pasture that magically appear.

We were making great progress until John hit a cable that looks similar to a guy wire on a tower. It wrapped around the axles and of course the shredder blades on the lawn tractor. We've wrapped barbed wire before and that was a chore to remove. Remarkably, or perhaps because at this point he has had so much experience removing things from the shredder blades, it didn't take long at all to remove it.

It's warming up in South Texas and is quite humid. We are facing Hurricane Season starting in just a few weeks and the Rural Living farm isn't immune to those. While we are 30 miles off the coast that isn't enough to stop the winds. We may be immune to a storm surge but little else so it's time for us to inventory our survival supplies.

Adding that task to this week's list.

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