Sunday, May 20, 2012

Farm Sunday - Take it easy prescription.....

Hot Farm Sunday and we are inside, for the most part, in the air conditioning. I did venture out to the garden a little bit ago to check on everything and to see if there was anything that had to be picked today. It can all wait for a day or two. Either things are not quite ripe or can get a little bigger.

At least I am able to catch up on a little reading, a little research and planning. Sometimes, even with the best time management skills, you just need to set it all aside and take a breath.

I have thought before that the Rural Living farm needed a brand, not that we'd ever brand anything more than perhaps a steak but it is a tradition in Texas with a long history. Our county courthouse has volumes of recorded brands in the county. I just think it would be neat if we ever do get livestock.

So today I set out to get ideas, and looked at every brand that is or was registered in the county. You can find them online at the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) Texas Brand Registration.

Some were quite fancy such as this one that was described as a "flying U 1 over a cross." I was amused at the descriptions and thought that there had to  be some well put time in the design. The Texas Brand Registration didn't list the owner but it's public record.

The other fancy one I ran across was described as "Flying US over Cross". Certainly this brand was designed for a very patriotic family, perhaps with veterans either living or dead and stories to tell or were told.

I thought this one was quite funny as it looks like a wild man. There is an urban legend in the county about The Wild Man of the Navidad who lived some years back in the woods along the Navidad River. Described as Lower Case R Lazy S Lazy C,

Then there were those that simply were initials. Others that Rocked or had a bar, plenty of those on their sides otherwise known as Lazy.

Taking all those in to account, what I envisioned, a Rocking R L that when drawn looks more like a Ralph Lauren logo than a Farm and Ranch brand, was not registered in the county. Not that I'll ever register it but one day, I just might.

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