Monday, May 28, 2012

Farm Sunday - Whew it's hot and humid already!

It's the end of long weekend, back to the 9-5 grind in the morning. Actually it's more like 8-5 and I am thankful for daylight savings time. The good news is that it is a 4 day work week. Well 4 1/2 as I pull Saturday.

We never made it to the winery for slips but hope to be able to do that this week. It's an opportunity I don't want to miss out on. John will be calling winery owner to set up an optimal evening that works for both of us. He said that if we keep them in pots in the shade and well watered during the summer we may have a chance to plant them in the fall. Keeping the babies alive in the summer is a challenge, one I will gladly take.

Also, we got 1 fruit tree in, holes dug for some of the others. It was much too hot to work on it today mid-day. I soaked them down again because I knew we would probably be delayed getting them in. We went to visit a friend in the hospital that had a close call last week who is finally in her own room and then went by Lowe's for some weed whacker supplies. That took all afternoon as it is a 60+ mile round trip. We also visited another friend about 4 miles from the Rural Living farm who gave us more workout equipment (thanks Judy!) and while we were there she gave us a lot of ornamental peppers. Some are edible and have all sorts of colored peppers on them. Beautiful! Will get those mass planted in a lick tub this week. Once we were done with those tasks the day was gone.

Whew! South Texas heat and humidity is coming on quickly. Was able to get soaker hoses run through the 2nd phase garden and secured with landscape staples. Those are a lifesaver for a lot of things! We will be hooking them up to a water source tomorrow afternoon. At least there isn't much going on this week in the evenings and we can slowly move forward. We just cannot do a lot in the hot sun and this will be the case until next October.

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

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