Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life on the Farm - Chuckie and the Roo

This evening we received a call from some Rural Living readers who live in the next little town from here. They had a couple of roo's that "Had to go!" and of course we are glad to take them. Always!

One of them they had named Jailbird. Apparently his feathers were much more pronounced when he was younger and they said he looked like he was wearing the traditional jail attire of days gone by. Friendly fellow, he didn't cotton to the other, more mature roo's trying to fight and establish the pecking order, pardon the pun. So, we simply picked him up and took him further into the pasture so he could acclimate himself to the farm before going to roost.

As the sun went down and the other roo's headed to their roost, this little fellow didn't follow. Instead, we were in and out of the swimming pool, taking and evening dip when this little roo made his way up the ladder to the pool.

Chuckie, our Papillion, has his own float. This actually is a Rubbermaid snow toboggan that we run a noodle thru so that it is stable. Chuckie floats around on this and occasionally and with much coaxing, takes a swim. Chuckie had just climbed aboard and had not been on his float when this little Roo made his way to the pool.

John moved the float to the ladder to see if he would climb on and much to our surprise, he did! Now, if you look closely at Chuckie he isn't too happy about his passenger. Eventually Chuckie just jumped into the pool and the little Roo made his roost on this float.

John had to get out of the pool, pick up the little Roo and walk him over the roost.

Yes, at the Rural Living farm it's always something!

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