Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life on the farm - Surprise visitor

As you approach the farm there are obstacles. Chickens, guineas, cats and other 4 legged creatures both domestic and not so domestic. It's just a way of life here and it's not uncommon to see them on the road either.

Most of the community has become quite accustom to chickens on the road and slow down, ease around them and continue on their journey.

When I come home from my 9-5 job I know that just about every single day there will one or more farm cats in the driveway or laying to the side of the driveway. They'll move when you turn in, scattering in every direction.

Today didn't seem like any different. I was turning into the driveway and looked to my right and saw, what I thought was one of our fuzzier cats. As I put the car into park I noticed it didn't move much, but that wasn't unusual. I also noticed it was a little different color than the other farm cats but I didn't think much of that either as some of them are so skiddish I don't get a chance to look at their exact  color.

I proceeded to get out of my car and saw this "cat" was breathing very deep breaths. Wow, in a deep sleep in this cool breeze I thought - until I saw the tail. It didn't have any fur.

As I approached this "cat" I noticed it's ears was quite rounded, not the typical pointed ear that a cat has. Then I realized it was a big possum. He was quite alive but not moving much. I thought he may have been grazed by a car and knowing they could have a nasty disposition and that I was in heels with open toes I left him be...and went to get John, and then watched out of the kitchen window.

John went out and found he was quite alive but agreed that he probably had been grazed by a car. John poked at him with his foot and he raised his head and hissed at him. John left him alone and we walked out to the garden area to take care of some more pending chores thinking he would be dead soon.

An hour later we went to the front and this big boy was gone. We don't know if he went to another place on the property to die or if he finally caught his breath and went on about his business.

It wouldn't surprise me if we saw him at the farm cat dinner table.

It's always something at the Rural Living farm. It's always something....

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