Monday, May 21, 2012

Rural Living - It's Monday

Today has been a long day. Glad it's over. Tomorrow my 9-5 job will be more stressful than a cow giving birth to a breached calf. I'll live!

This morning while John was gathering eggs and feeding the girls (hens) one of them escaped....He said she was immediately nailed by a rooster and I am sure it lasted all day. John tried but he couldn't get her back in the coop.

By the time I got home at 5 she was hovering close to the coop. She wanted back in. I bet she had a hard day with the roosters.

I considered putting her in the breed pen and gathering her eggs for the next week to incubate. Then I looked at the load of eggs we have and decided against it. We have enough hens and roosters and the market it getting saturated with them here that we might not can move them. Especially when the buyer asks "Who's the daddy?" and we won't know. We are occasionally given layers and roosters so this time, we'll let them it go. It is the perfect opportunity though to catch some fertilized eggs.

We are tractor shopping. We have a Ford 9N that was his dad's but it hasn't been started in quite a while and needs some maintenance. Actually lots of maintenance. Summer is just approaching and so are the rains and the pasture is already out of hand. I also want a disker so that I can create a larger garden area in half the time. Think it will work quite well if we can find one within our price range. Free would be better but I know that isn't happening.

John said if we get one it needs to be a tractor, not an "overgrown lawn tractor" like the new John Deere One series is. Those are very nice but I agree, I don't think it will do what we need it to do.

I have a 3 day weekend from the corporate world this weekend and plan to get a lot accomplished. I probably will get a lot of sunburn too. We'll see.

What plans do you have for this weekend?

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