Friday, June 1, 2012

Farm life - The hardest work is waiting

On a hobby farm there is always a while lot of waiting. It's the most difficult job on a small farm, or it is for me.

This week is no exception.

We are waiting on some crucial funding for additional equipment to move us forward faster and to enable us to work more efficiently. We have secured enough for the tractor we want but we are waiting on additional funds for other equipment and for some consolidation funds to help to pay off some other things and to purchase a much needed disker.

In my opinion those funds should have already been in place but there hasn't been any communication from the lender in two days. Not a word. So, we wait.

We are also waiting for the tractor funds to be electronically deposited into our account. It takes up to three days and today is day two. And, we wait some more.

We also have a new farm credit line but the final paperwork and access card has not arrived. We are hoping it is in today's mail. Again, we are waiting.

Yes, on a hobby farm you are always waiting. For a crop to start producing, for rain, for a part, for eggs to hatch it is never-ending.

I guess it's a lesson I need to learn. Next year we'll be applying for operational grant funding...and the government is slow...

Watch the Rural Living Facebook site for up to the minute info on our funding finally coming together...

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