Monday, July 2, 2012

Farm Sunday - All weekend!

Last weekend was highly productive and it ended just as well as it started. this weekend should be just as good as the last one. Or so I hope.

Earlier in the week, after looking at finances and deciding to take a leap of faith we finally had a small farm loan approved, a small farm line of credit in place and had another small amount drawn from a safe keeping account. All total was several thousand, enough to pay off some minor debt and get us into a tractor and possibly a disker with a small operating capitol account.

It took a lot of work, a lot of bugging lenders, a lot of last minute faxing over paperwork and some near sleepless nights but we now have a fully restored 1947 Ford 2n and she is proving to be a workhorse.

We also re-decked the trailer with new treated boards, a chore I don't want to assist with for a very long time. That was very hard work.

The shredder has been repaired too although a bit country works just fine.

Now we are looking for implements with 3 pt hitches. First on the list is a small disker or plow, not that we could plow now as the ground is very hard and cracked but the rains will surely return and soften it back up.

We will be posting through out the weekend too...until then, keep smiling!

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