Saturday, August 11, 2012

A day on the hobby farm - Some time for us

Oh what a week it has been ....I am glad it's over and we can take the next 30 hours or so just for us....It was crazy at my 9-5 and I was exhausted each evening so we didn't get much accomplished here. Now we can catch up a little bit.

It's hot, hot, hot here but we will be venturing outside to work in the food plot this evening as well as try to accomplish a few other tasks. We just got back from Victoria as we made a run to the nearest Lowes 35 miles away and picked up a Troy Bilt 12" cultivator. We will be playing with it when it cools down a little bit. The reviews on it were better than the larger Mantis and it cost less.

We also want to get the big tiller out for a once over. It's time for a fall tune up and fix what may have broken since we last used it. You can bet at the Rural Living farms that something has broken on it since it was last started and that something else will break after we use it one time. It's just what happens.

We also talked to Farmer Gene today. John had watched him use a huge disker when he was disking his acreage behind the house yesterday and wanted me to see it. We found Gene on his acreage just down the road. Oddly enough he was trying to fix something on his smaller disker. While admiring this massive implement I asked him if he had something to break up virgin ground. He knew what I was really asking and said he'd consider dragging it out later in the season to help us. I promised to keep him in organics and we agreed to get back together when it cools down a bit.

That is about it from the Rural Living farm. What's happening at your place?

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