Saturday, August 4, 2012

Eat Fresh - What is a superfood?

We’ve all read the headlines about the health benefits of eating superfoods.  Foods including Quinoa and other grains, kale, salmon, broccoli, tomatoes and many others.  Like myself I bet you have wondered “What exactly is a superfood ?” What makes a food a superfood?  

According to some it’s simply a marketing tool and I was quite surprised to find that there isn’t a legal or standard definition of a superfood. In some countries labeling a food as a superfood has been banned unless significant, reliable scientific data can accompany their claim. Interesting? I thought so too.

What I did find out was intriguing. It seems that the foods that are sometimes referred to as superfoods do have a greater nutritional value and also may contain beneficial phytochemicals or omega 3 fatty acids than others in their particular food group.  Simply said they are a somewhat better for you.

However it boils down to this. Superfoods are simply fresh foods. Whole foods. Those foods we know as healthy nutritious alternatives. Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains and fiber rich foods. Fish, especially Salmon and Talapia. The things we should be eating and that we promote on the Rural-living blog.

Now I am not slamming superfoods. Not at all. I believe that some foods such as Kale, Salmon and others could have additional benefits for our health and well-being. However,  I am cautious with the wide range of claims that certain foods could be superfoods. Eating superfoods, to me anyway is simply eating clean. Eating fresh foods and adding fiber rich foods to our diets in their simplest form.

Perhaps just adopting a healthier plate and eating cleaner is more important than focusing on adding more superfoods to our diet.  Perhaps we should just call it eating superfood.

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