Monday, August 20, 2012

Rural Living - Taking time off isn't always for leisure...

I took today off from work. The last several weeks I had been really antsy... because our personal schedule has been crazy and I usually get 1.5 days off from my 9-5, sometimes 2 days....outside of regular household tasks.... I couldn't seem to get ahead. Not that this extra day will really help me catch up, but I am able to tackle some jobs here I haven't been able to get to....

So, last week I asked my boss if it would be OK to take off today, Monday .... she agreed. She rocks, and understands what we are up against on this little hobby farm... but more important...she knows ME. And she knows I will be 200% more productive if I can get some much needed tasks behind me.

I still have some vacation time coming but the biggest is Thanksgiving day week and I will not loose that if I can help it.

What does this have to do with Rural Living and having a hobby farm?? EVERYTHING. At least for those who only dream of having a career and a hobby farm or living rural.

As I have said before, it takes planning, patience and good time management skills to live rural and have a partially self-sustaining farm.....all of which I have very little. If you live urban, you live in a box so to speak. Turf grass lawns that can be maintained in an hour or so, domestic animals who get dinner probably when you do or sometime close to that and general household tasks that are confined to your 2000sf (give or take) home.

Rural? Your turf grass yards are much bigger if you can keep turf grass, and the rest of the property is high maintenance tasks that keep you going from sun up to sundown, not to mention not so domestic animals that usually take 10x the maintenance that your common urban pet does. ......

So yes, I take time off from my 9-5 to play catch up around the same schedules you urban folks probably have. Outside of the hobby farm we also have church, civic obligations and household tasks. The other time is dedicated to all the other things that this life can bring here.

Now, where's that spreadsheet I need to work on?

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  1. You chose a massive property full of grass. Return it to meadow and let the animals graze it. You live near a grocery store too, I guarantee, so no one is forcing you to keep this lifestyle. I live urban and still grow my own food, raise chickens, keep house, AND work 60 hours a week, since often we urban folks have highly demanding jobs. I spend every minute off in the summer canning, cooking, volunteering, etc. It's no different than you. It's kind of obnoxious to act like you are superior and tell us urban folks how we live. You have no idea how I live.


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