Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rural Living - Where to get the sign

Many of you have asked where you can get "The Sign" that we have posted on the Facebook piece of Well, as far as we can tell, and we have looked for weeks, it isn't available anywhere. We are thinking that those that have been sighted on farms from coast to coast were created by the owners themselves.

We have formed a partnership with one company BuildASign Custom Signs to help you create your own "Notice this property is a farm" sign. Most custom created signs are under $30.00 with this company.

Yes, we are compensated for driving business to them but it isn't much. However, we'll donate all of the proceeds to our local food bank Helping Hands to help them purchase fresh food for our local area.

We'll post from time to time how many signs were generated and how much was donated to Helping Hands.

Please let us know if you ordered a sign so we'll know the link is working.

Again the website to create your own sign is BuildASign Custom Signs .

Let's raise some money!


  1. Hi, so the we need to create it ourselves? Thanks, tiff

  2. Yes. Remember though that all proceeds for creating this sign or any other go to the local food bank.

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