Saturday, September 29, 2012

On the farm - One rainy weekend

Fall is definitely in the air in South Texas. The temperature has dropped to below 90 during the day and the cold fronts are spurring major thunderstorms that can easily drop 2-3" of rain in a day. Fall gardens are starting to look great and the hummingbirds fall migration is in full swing.

Today I came home from my 1/2 day at the 9-5 and found John working on the dishwasher. The dishwasher and the central air are the two things I would truly miss if we went to a full homestead lifestyle, off the grid and totally providing for ourselves. These last few months that I have been without it have been a challenge but I really didn't mind. There is something about washing dishes the old fashioned way that is meditative. Having the dishwasher again will save me some time in the evenings.  

It is suppose to be a bit cooler in the evenings later this week although I don't expect a good fall northern to blow through. I can hardly wait though before that first cool snap, the one that is so fresh you can smell it, blows through. I am more than ready for stews and soups made with fresh ingredients or our heart healthy chili again.

In a couple of weeks our Annual County Fair will kick off. We expect rain only because it seems to be an annual event that coincides with the fair. Years ago it was hosted on county property and parking was in a field. It was also an annual event to get quite stuck during heavy rain years. Now the fair is held at a new arena and events center that is privately owned and while the parking and facilities are much better including toilets that don't fill up and over flow it just doesn't seem the same.

Now to get up and finish some tasks and start some new ones, inside of course, so that we are ready to get back out on the Rural Living farm next weekend.

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