Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life on the Farm: Fall garden and a new kitten.

Tonight Gina (the other banker) and I decided not to stay later than 5:30 at my 9-5.  We were both exhausted from the day and could use the time with our family too.

When I got home I shed panty hose quicker than a prom dress and headed out to the garden to pick some mature Kale to steam with dinner. I decided to look at the green beans that I knew were full of blooms a week ago but that I have not looked at in several days. I just wondered how they were progressing, especially since we got better than an inch of rain this week.

They were doing very good. I spent an extra half hour picking beans and they are cooking on the stove now with some fresh new potatoes along with kale in the steamer and a smoked sausage lasagne in the oven. For the smoke sausage lasagne I replaced the lasagne noodles with 2 very large zucchini's that were hidden and grew past their saute prime, cutting them very thin and layering them like you do lasagne noodles then adding a meat mixture made with smoked sausage, browned then drained and rinsed and adding in fresh onion, green pepper and tomatoes. We used a Mexican Queso cheese and some low-fat mozzarella for the cheese. Most Mexican Queso's are made with a low fat or skim milk cheese and are quite healthy. Mozzerella is made with low fat milk as well.

While I was headed to the garden there was a half grown kitten who greated me on the patio. This little fellow was quite vocal, almost saying HELLO may name is (whatever) and I am lost! We've never seen him before but he is very pretty, all black with tiny white paws. He followed me into the garden and as I talked to him, he answered in a language of course that I couldn't understand but I am betting that he was telling me about his former home and that he was dropped off sometime in the night.

When I came in I asked John if he was perhaps a kitten of one of our barn cat mothers and he went out to find him. When he did he picked him up and brought him in telling me he had never seen this particular cat before. We think that someone knew we take in unwanted roo's and other things and that he would be perfectly content here. So far he seems to be.

I also picked some more zucchini from the one plant that we have left. It's a zucchini from Johnny's seeds called Cash Crop and at anytime I have 4-6 zucchini's on there ready to pick. This spring they should do quite well for us.

That's it from the farm, we'd love to hear from you. And join us on Facebook. We play games, hold kitchen table discussions and through out quiz nigh from time to time. We'd love to have you.

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