Sunday, November 18, 2012

Farm Sunday - Fully Loaded

Good morning! I got up early not by choice but because Chuckie Papillion INSISTED. Was nice to walk out to the food plot while the dew was still set as Chuckie did his morning duties.

Was probably a good thing to get up this early. I got a
jump start on tasks and plan to spend a good part of the morning updating inventory on the Etsy site with the Farmers Market Totes getting ready for the holiday season.

We'll be headed out to the pasture later to shred and mow again and move more mulch up to the food plot.

Our local co-op has been dumping mulch at the farm and told us a couple of weeks ago to tell them when to stop. I replied "NEVER" ... we have the room, the place to dump it is an easy access (when it's not raining) and it saves them $ not to drive to the dump with it. I'll take 100 loads or more.... Excited to get out there to see how many more they brought us.

Then it's back in to cut and roll feed bags and add to the inventory. I've said it before but it's worth saying again... living in a rural community is awesome when it comes to recycling. Folks bring in their empties and know to put them in the back of the farm suburban that I park in front of my 9-5. By the end of the week it gets quite full and I bet we have 50-60 or more new bags to cut and roll.

So we have a full day folks. I am not sure how much time we'll have to share the mean time if your interested please look at

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