Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good evening everyone!

Came home to a great lean pork loin that John cooked in the pressure cooker with fresh potatoes, fresh carrots and some chickpeas. It has been very nice to come home after a very long day and he has it cooked and waiting!

We are playing tag team on creating heart healthy and hearty meals. I set the main ingredients out before I head to my 9-5 and he assembles it and make

s sure it's done by the time I get home.

There is something about guy food that rocks. Healthy guy food is even better... : )

Yes, my 9-5 days are very long but I still have time to take care of some tasks on the farm after I get home and I always have the weekend. It's nice to have him home as a retiree/house-husband who is willing to do just about anything I ask him to do. I tend to forget to simply ask him to do things a lot of the time. I think that is a big problem with a lot of folks...we forget to ask and assume others can read our mind.

Hope your day went well!

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