Friday, November 16, 2012

Late nights and the food plot lunch John and I were having our usual conversation via text message. I text him instead of talking on the phone for a couple of reasons.

1. So I can eat. Chances are I won't be able to make it through the entire lunch without being called back into the branch to take care of something. I'm good with that if I can help someone out.

2. He watches a specific show on CBS between 11-12 and

he can text me with tidbits of info and still watch this show.

Anyway, today I realized I had not had the chance to get out to the food plot since Monday as I had been getting home after dark each night. We discussed turning the drip irrigation on since we had not received the much needed rain that was promised several times and he went out to do that, after his show.

He knew I was worried about it and later in the afternoon when I got a chance to take a tiny break and check my phone for further messages and emails I found he had gone to the food plot and taken pictures and emailed them to me. For my peace of mind.

That was very thoughtful! Can I get an "ahhhh" from everyone? : )

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