Sunday, November 18, 2012

Life on the farm - Mulch one scoop at a time

WOW they really are dropping off a lot of mulch! This is only about 1/2 of it. I moved about 3-4 scoops before I took this picture and didn't make a dent in it! WHOA HO!

Out to spread it on top of the garden.

For those interested..... i

t's free and you get it by just asking the trucks that have the tree chippers behind them. There are utility companies and private industry...just watch as you are driving around. Sometimes they are good to do it, other times they won't but persistence pays off in the long run. Keep asking, looking...

You can use the "new" chips on top of your garden or in flowerbeds. Let it sit for a while and it turns into great compost. 3-6 months of sitting and you can incorporate it into your soil.

If you are local Jackson County and want to get some scoops when the landfill is closed..(where it has been dumped for years and is amazing...) just call us.... There is plenty to share and more to come I am sure...

We managed to get mulch on the garden....1 big shovel scoop at a time. Took a while but worked up a good calorie burn and pulled a few weeds while I was at it. Looks very nice.

Now, to cook dinner (smoked ham, fresh bok choy cabbage, fresh beans and fresh zucchini from the garden) and bag up essential oils for delivery tomorrow. Then head into bag room to cut and roll and add to inventory.

John needs to swap out the manifold on Baby Girl and possibly the coil .... so it will be later in the week before we can shred.

There is a gentleman in town who is an "expert" when it comes to vintage tractors and has many to rob parts off of. We may get him out this week to run Baby Girl... He is so good... he was chosen to help several high school kids restore old tractors who then won major scholarship money at some national vintage tractor shows.

I'll try to dig out those videos we posted last spring of the tractor show here. He is the one who put that together....

What's happening at your place tonight?

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