Thursday, November 22, 2012

Life on the farm - Our Thanksgiving 2012

Everything for our small Thanksgiving dinner here is ready to pop in the oven. We don't plan guests - not even the kids... just the 2 of us and that's just fine with us.

We are having a small roasted turkey about 10 lbs which should last us several days and it's seasoned in the roaster pan in the refrigerator... Roasted, not Cajun fried like John usually does. We couldn't justify $50 of oil alone

for just us this year and just one small turkey.

And we are having homemade dressing. I learned how to make dressing just a couple of years ago... seriously! Before, either I bought it from a restaurant, talked someone else into making it or relied on ... stove top.

Before Johns mother died she walked me through it over the phone the night before Thanksgiving 2 years ago... and it turned out quite well even the first time. Now I am comfortable with it and have my own twists..(olive oil when you saute the veggies instead of butter, whole grain bread and cornbread for the stuffing) she encouraged me to play with it. My, how I miss that woman! And as I was putting it together this evening I could hear her say.. "Yes I think you've got the hang of it!" Well Mom...we'll see when I finish cooking it tomorrow....

Then we're just having baked sweet potatoes instead of the sweet potato casserole. More nutritious and less sugar!
And I'll make some giblet gravy....

That's it! Simple dinner for simple people.... that should sustain us for several days.....

If we are not on much tomorrow we'd like to wish each and every one of you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please stay safe if you are traveling.

We'll delay Thursday Trivia night until next week so everyone can enjoy their Thanksgiving!

And for those who live outside of the US.... take care where ever you are!

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