Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life on the Farm - Some changes are a'coming!

Not to long ago I mentioned we were working on something at my 9-5 that is tied into this blog. I am sure that left many of you scratching your head.....

Today I got the thumbs up and it's a go. While we have a few hurdles and formalities to get past - they are minor.

If you have been a fan of Rural Living for a while it's no secret that we love our little hobby farm! Like most of you coming h

ome to a house on acreage whether it is a few like ours or many hundreds, there is something magical about it. Endless wildlife and the things that you discover, uncover or stumble upon can be frightful but often just become humorous memories. For us it's a never ending discovery of amazing things with the ability to just walk out back to sit and listen to nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Living rural....has it's advantages and disadvantages of course as we've discussed many times....but none can be worse than if you want to purchase a home in rural America and can only use a mortgage lender remotely. In our case the closest is 30+ miles away and most of the time people never meet their mortgage consultant doing everything over the phone and fax machine. If there is a problem and if you are lucky you'll find a good one who is willing to fight through all the hurdles to get you to the end, where you walk out of a title company with keys in your hands to your own place.

Until our little community. On December 10th I was given the go-ahead to "open" a mortgage office in our branch in our small town, a transition (from banker to mortgage) that is exciting and quite scary! So now....I can help others....purchase their little Rural Living hobby farm....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good evening everyone!

Came home to a great lean pork loin that John cooked in the pressure cooker with fresh potatoes, fresh carrots and some chickpeas. It has been very nice to come home after a very long day and he has it cooked and waiting!

We are playing tag team on creating heart healthy and hearty meals. I set the main ingredients out before I head to my 9-5 and he assembles it and make

s sure it's done by the time I get home.

There is something about guy food that rocks. Healthy guy food is even better... : )

Yes, my 9-5 days are very long but I still have time to take care of some tasks on the farm after I get home and I always have the weekend. It's nice to have him home as a retiree/house-husband who is willing to do just about anything I ask him to do. I tend to forget to simply ask him to do things a lot of the time. I think that is a big problem with a lot of folks...we forget to ask and assume others can read our mind.

Hope your day went well!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Another week has started...we're off to the races..or so it feels...

WOW! What a day! Sure glad THAT is past me.... We I am trying to transition into another area within the corporation and do something new not only to me but the local area...more as it develops but at this point it looks VERY ties into the Rural living blog ..sorta. I'll keep you guessing for now until it's all in place!

I ran off and left my wrap and soup at home today....a txt
msg to John...who drove it into town to me..He didn't have to do that as we keep extra cans of soups at the branch....

He had to go by the local store anyway and while he was there he picked up a couple of dozen of fresh tamales. Yes, not the best heart healthy food but in moderation you can have them. Already had some heart healthy chili on-hand but wanted something else with them and asked him if he knew how to make Spanish rice in the steamer. Well, he's figured it out. I came home to an incredible smell and the rice steamer going with a recipe on the counter. Gotta love him for trying and if it tastes as divine as it smells I'll be bulking up on a whole grain as well! It's nice to have dinner done or almost done when I get home after dark....OMG it smells wonderful!

There have been a LOT of wrecks in the local area along Hwy 59. A LOT. Several between us and Victoria, some others just north of here, others along St. Hwy 111 that runs through town....I attribute it to the heavy traffic we are experiencing from the recent oil/gas boom. God bless each of them...they are more frequent and often have fatalities. The ambulances ran several times today and the news announced other accidents. It's becoming a daily news item now.

OH and I almost forgot the best part!

Yesterday I went to the food plot and thinned out the kale by clipping 80% of the mature leaves....bagged them up and took them to work with about 8-9 jalapenos and a bunch of vine ripened tomatoes..... the girls hadn't had kale but have heard me preaching the nutritional value over and over....

They fought over this HUGE bag I had brought.....and said they'd cook it up tonight. I bet we create more fans tonight...

Ahh.....the nicest things about being a grower is sharing....