Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Chicks are really growing.....

This afternoon just before sun down we moved the chicks to the outside chick pen. All 28 of them. I think. I lost count. John has the number....John got them out of the small pen inside one by one and put them in a small pet carrier to take outside.... two trips.

The chick pen outside is made of redwood. We bought it many years ago at a pet store when we had Cockatiels but kept it after we lost them because it is the perfect large pen for chicks. I think it was originally for rabbits or other small animals.... it's been a good one and we have certainly gotten our money's worth.

It has one big door in the front with two sliding locks and two smaller wire doors that allow easy for access to change out food and water. The roof also hinges open. We keep it on the patio under an it stays nice and dry....

John bought new water containers and food containers and came home with new chain and hardware to suspend them off the floor of this cage. He did a really nice job as usual!

Then we ran to town for a few things and came home to clean up the mud room......yuck! I don't's more good stuff for the compost! And with that many chicks it doesn't matter how often you clean it.... it's still a mess, especially when they get bigger and start doing the scratch dance.

It's cooler here but not too bad and the weekend is supposed to be beautiful again. I just hope we both have energy to accomplish and outside task...

What's going on with you this Wednesday?? 

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