Sunday, February 3, 2013

Are you ready for some organics in Jackson County?

We spent the entire afternoon doing pre-work on the bigger food plot. Yesterday we took an excursion to determine WHERE on the property to do this.....Our excursions consist of John driving the Green Machine while I ride in the bucket. It's fun and effective!

Anyway, John came up with the ideal place that almost borders the back of the property and next to Farmer Gene's corn field. It will allow an easier access to extending the water supply and is also easy to get to from our house and the road.

This afternoon just after lunch he jumped on the lawn tractor and shredded it down to the ground. Then we moved a small trash pile..... Next week (when I get home after yet another 9-5 trip) we'll start dumping mulch and tilling. We can plant direct in the ground about mid March. If we time it right it will be perfect and ready to go!

It's appx 40 x 100. 4000 sf to turn.  Good for us the tiller is self propelled and a real work horse. It may take a few hours...but it will be a mighty good calorie burn. And...with the ground still soft it shouldn't be much of a problem at all.

4000 sf in addition to the personal food plot that is expanding this year to 1000 sf.

That's a lot of food..... but the community is jumping on board and will purchase overages.....

How are you this Sunday afternoon?

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