Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beautiful Spring like weather again!

Just came in to eat. John sounded the effects on the bull horn to tell me he had cooked lunch.

Fresh eggs, warmed up pork chops from last night, whole grain good!

Emptied 6 big bags of leaves onto compost courtesy of some friend of ours in another town who so graciously hauled them to us....and now it's full and we can start working on bin 2.

John got the cd player on the outside stereo working and plugged in the bluegrass cd's from MilkDrive, an amazing group of young men from Austin, Texas we were honored to have been introduced to at a small, local venue..... you can hear it all the way into the pasture.... and makes life very sweet!

And...with the sun shining and it's warming up nicely...I may switch into Capri's in a bit. It's the day I've been waiting for ...for quite some time.

Tomorrow is a little more harried. We are meeting folks at the local winery and then I have to pack for another trip for the 9-5..... so taking advantage of as much of this day as I possibly can!

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