Saturday, February 16, 2013

End of the day.... how beautiful it was...

Ok! That's it for the day. While we didn't start turning the ground we DID make progress. At the last minute we decided to move the new, bigger food plot over a bit. It has to do with Farmer Gene..... If you're new there is a post on the blog that describes a recent event with him.....

The first selection bordered the back edge of our property. Gene occasionally uses the back of our property to turn on when he's tending his 400 acres...and while we were very much within our right to plant there ...or any other darn place on this property, we would have really cut him off AND we need to support the close friendship.

To move the new food plot to the new place required moving an old boat that John has that has been in his family for many, many years. It is quite cool and I've often thought of making it into a hang out, wine spot or something...It's not on a trailer and he had to move it about 30 feet where we keep the boats that are on trailers....He tried it with the Green Machine (that's the front end loader/back hoe rebuilt Terramite we use for everything) but again, we couldn't get traction enough to do it. Being on the ground and with the ground very soft and with years of sitting on the ground he decided to lift up one side then another with the front end loader to try to free it up. Each time he lifted it I looked well underneath to make sure we didn't have something slithering that we didn't expect. We didn't.

He then went and to get the "big red pony", our F-150 and with ease moved it to the slab where the other boats are kept.

This boat had also been sitting on some tires....which also had to be moved before he shredded the new area to the ground. John grabbed the first one and off he went to deposit it near where he moved the boat. I decided to help and chose the one that had less dead grass and debris thinking it was safer and picked it up from the front tilting it away from me. Usually you pick things up from the backside to look in case of a snake because it will partially shield you...and you can drop it much quicker.

I'm glad I picked it up from the front because there was about a 15' Copperhead inside the tireeasy to see without any debris to cover him and against the black of the tire. Copperheads are one of the three venomous snakes in Texas and are easily identified. They are also very pretty snakes...I suspect that because it has been quite cool was the reason he was moving slowly and didn't try to bite me. Had I reached over the tire to pick up from the back there is a possibility he would have got me under my arm. Slight in this cool weather but a possibility.

So off to get the hoe I went (which is what I usually have in my hand to lift things) and John chopped his head off. We tried to get the Roo's to do something with him.... several of them did try to pull him by his tail but quickly gave up. I think they knew he was already dead. This is the first snake we've seen in years and we attribute that to all the Roo's we have around here and that we keep the grass down. See, there is a reason we take them in when others don't want them..... not to mention they are quite entertaining!

We also managed to get the trailer loaded with mulch that has been sitting for several months. John will try to get that spread next week while I am gone so we can start turning the ground next weekend after I get home.

Now the sun is setting, we have dinner going and will spend some quality time together after while. 

We hope your day was productive too or at the least you were able to spend time with those you care about...

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