Saturday, February 2, 2013

Looking towards spring.....

We now have started in the mini greenhouses:

72 tomato plants - Mostly beefsteak, some early girl.

108 Cucumber plants.- a good pickle cuc but also a good edible one! Yum sliced thin and used in your wraps! (we prob. won't use all of these and will give away the excess)

48 zucchini plants - CashCrop. We had one plant last us from early last spring until the first frost this year and I picked 2-3 everyday all thru the fall. They produce like crazy so this will be a TON of zucchini!

If the spring cooperates we should have a good crop.... and some to sell..... fingers crossed.

And have started the big food plot. Lots of work to come but it will be all worth it!

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