Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Monday....

Good evening everyone!

Headed straight to the garden when I got home to start plugging in those potatoes. I had planned to start before now but it's still raining off and on......this evening the air was thick with misty I put on sweats (fleece) and headed out anyway. Got about 1/2 of them complete.

I need to run the cultivator through it and hope to accomplish that this week.

And... a friend was nice enough to load up in his truck the 5 bags of leaves he had bagged up and that were by the curb for the trash pick-up to dispose of...John met him in town and we'll add them to the compost tomorrow. It was dark by the time we got to that chore and I needed to start dinner.

I sure will be glad when daylight savings time gets here. Just about 3 more weeks!! It will allow for more "outside" time after work. Whoo ho!

Dinner tonight is left over Pork Ribeyes we cooked in the pressure cooker last night with a heavy Canadian Steak Seasoning.....and some steamed brown rice and also fresh Bok Choy cabbage from the garden.

We also received our second delivery from Johnny's Seed.... mostly corn but I also wanted some giant sunflowers if for nothing more than show. I love those..... so we have 150 sunflower seeds too....

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