Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On my way home....

Ahh! Finally home after another trip with the new spot at the 9-5. This time just to San Antonio and I must was kinda nice.

Seemed like it took forever to drive home. I did stop at a favorite BBQ house as I was just down the road from it anyway....Rudy's in San Antonio ROCK!

Drove across town and stopped in a little community just east of San Antonio called La Vernia to grab a bag of ice to lay on the BBQ I paid a small fortune for... (it's worth every penny tho!)....

As I was pulling out..... the Cuero, Tx trailriders were headed to the San Antonio Rodeo. Of course I had to pull over to take pics for all of you....

I have friends who schedule a week or more off from work to ride in them....either headed to the San Antonio Rodeo OR the Houston Rodeo...'s Rodeo time in Texas and these sites will be common through-out the state.

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