Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Potato Experiment

Good morning everyone!

I took an excursion this morning with Chuckie (so he could do his morning duties) and it is still pretty wet but do-able. I walked out to the compost and threw on the left over potato pieces after cutting the eyes off the other night. Of course all the Roo's thought it was potatofest time. I still need to clean out the fresh veggie bin in the refrigerator today as I haven't done that in a few weeks and add it to the compost pile as well.

I also decided to "experiment" a little and bury some of the seed potatoes
that were left from cutting the eyes off of them the other night that still had tiny eyes. I buried them here and there around the sides of the compost pile and then I will forget it. 

This compost is a cold compost where it takes a long while for the total decomposition to occur. That's fine with me as I add in or toss in carbon and nitrogen "ingredients" through out the week and bury them on top by mixing or raking over older compost from the sides. Those ingredients could be organic kitchen scraps, egg shells, coffee grinds or it could be chicken poo from either the coop or the chick pen leaves sometimes, a little hay sometimes, chips/mulch from the big piles, anything organic...About twice a year we turn it with the front end loader.....

So with my experiment I want to see if these potatoes do anything. I will not maintain them, water them or fertilize them. I don't plan to do a thing except to "forget" them and carry on adding new things to the whole compost pile on top as usual and let mother nature take over. If it works then the result of my experiment will be to show that you can produce potatoes without any skill or maintenance in less than optimal conditions...and that it can be an easy food source for those who may not have the ability to provide on a larger scale.

What do you think the results will be?

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